3 Styles You Can Wear Year Round!

As the weather changes from season to season, you have to part with your favorite pieces. But these 3 styles can be intermixed all year round. Also, they look great no matter the size, lifestyle, or budget you are on.



The newest trend in boots is ankle length booties. I love this new style of boots! You can wear them over skinny jeans, underneath boot cut jeans, and with almost any length skirt. Unlike knee-length boots, booties can be worn in warmer temperatures. The length can shorten the look of your legs. So if you have shorter legs choose a color similar to your skin tone and with a little bit of a heel. Pair them with your floral dress, maxi skirt or denim shorts when the temperature rises.


Infinity Scarf


Scarves have been a trend for a few years now and they aren’t going anywhere. A new style you can rock is the infinity scarf. Instead of being one long piece of fabric it is a circle. The nice thing is you can double wrap it and go. You don’t have to worry about excess fabric or tying it in any special knot. Choose an of-the-moment pattern or color and you’ve got an easy, low cost way to add personality and style to your basics.



Statement necklace


Similar to scarves, statement necklaces are an easy way to add interest and current-ness to your existing wardrobe. Choosing a shorter, chunky style in a bright hue will be the most versatile. You can add it to a simple T-shirt or to your Little Black dress and it instantly ups the fashion factor. When deciding on a color, don’t worry about matching. Picking a contrasting color that doesn’t match will give you more outfit options.

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