Top 3 trends for Spring

Spring is finally here and besides the grass turning greener and the days warming up, there is Spring fashion to get excited about. Here are my 3 favorite trends for this Spring. They are easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe and will give you the fresh feeling of Spring.


One of my favorite trends for this Spring is pastels. Now I know what you’re thinking, aren’t pastels big every Spring? Yes, they are but this Spring they are offered in unconventional ways. Like a pastel pink moto jacket or a light blue structured blazer. Think soft color with a tough edge. So try pairing a mint green blouse with a sleek silver choker or a peach tank top with an army green jacket. Anything that plays against the candy sweet connotation that pastels have will look fresh and new. (image link)



christian_louboutin_hello_fashion_blogAnother trend I am excited about this Spring is the Sheer trend. Sheer has also been around for a couple season. Sheer can get a bad rap because people usually hear sheer and think sexy or revealing. But it can also be used to lighten up an otherwise heavy look. If you want to try this trend but don’t want to go all out with the conventional sheer top with a bandeau, try a long sheer top with a cropped light sweater layered over it. You can also get the look with a semi-sheer top and a nude camisole underneath. An evening look can be subtly sexy with sheer cutouts or a sheer plunging neckline. But I would just encourage you to consider the possibilities of sheer and not just dismiss it in the store. (image link)


70’s Styles

c912ed2477ec29d5ea33cddae280ab65It is true, “Everything old is new again.” That is true of 70’s style which seem to come and go every few seasons. This spring 70’s styles are back and will continue into the summer and fall. If you like the carefree looks try pairing a wide leg jean or pants with platform shoes. Wide leg pants tend to make your legs appear shorter so the added heal height, tucking in your shirt, and choosing a slighting higher rise will all help counter act that. On the weekends, a pretty embroidered or lace dress will put you in a 70’s mood. Pair it with booties and a denim jacket now and strappy sandals later. (image link)

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3 Styles You Can Wear Year Round!

As the weather changes from season to season, you have to part with your favorite pieces. But these 3 styles can be intermixed all year round. Also, they look great no matter the size, lifestyle, or budget you are on.



The newest trend in boots is ankle length booties. I love this new style of boots! You can wear them over skinny jeans, underneath boot cut jeans, and with almost any length skirt. Unlike knee-length boots, booties can be worn in warmer temperatures. The length can shorten the look of your legs. So if you have shorter legs choose a color similar to your skin tone and with a little bit of a heel. Pair them with your floral dress, maxi skirt or denim shorts when the temperature rises.


Infinity Scarf


Scarves have been a trend for a few years now and they aren’t going anywhere. A new style you can rock is the infinity scarf. Instead of being one long piece of fabric it is a circle. The nice thing is you can double wrap it and go. You don’t have to worry about excess fabric or tying it in any special knot. Choose an of-the-moment pattern or color and you’ve got an easy, low cost way to add personality and style to your basics.



Statement necklace


Similar to scarves, statement necklaces are an easy way to add interest and current-ness to your existing wardrobe. Choosing a shorter, chunky style in a bright hue will be the most versatile. You can add it to a simple T-shirt or to your Little Black dress and it instantly ups the fashion factor. When deciding on a color, don’t worry about matching. Picking a contrasting color that doesn’t match will give you more outfit options.

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Shopping Destination- Nashville

Congratulations to Nashville, TN. for being named the #4 Best U.S. City for Shopping! I could not agree more. Nashville has a diverse and unique array of stores throughout the city and surrounding areas. From The Green Hills Mall to Opry Mills Mall to specialty boutique like Stacey Rhodes Boutique in Brentwood to Pieces in Germantown, Nashville shopping will not disappoint.

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop in Nashville. (In no particular order)

Check back because each week I will highlight one of my favorite shopping destinations!

Love and Success!

Caitlin Colling

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Best Dressed for Golden Globes

Here are my 3 favorite looks from the Golden Globes.

#3 Olivia Wilde

slide_331487_3313576_freeMother-to-be wore a gorgeous green sequin dress to walk the red carpet. It showed off her amazing figure and accented her beautiful baby bump. I like that she chose this dress instead of a loose fitting design like some of the other expecting attendees did.  She also get style points for keeping it tasteful and comfortable by covering her arms and decolletage.  Her soft and effortless hair was a perfect pairing with the sparkly dress and bold eyes.



#2 Lupita Nyong’o

slide_331487_3313144_freeNewcomer to the carpet, Lupita, turned heads in this Red Ralph Lauren gown. The off the shoulder cape was architectural and fashion forward but still elegant. Her hair and makeup were kept minimal to keep all eyes on the magnificent dress and her stunning face. After seeing her in this, I am looking forward to see what she wears for the upcoming award shows.




#1 Emma Watson 

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

My choice for best-dressed goes to Emma Watson in Christian Dior. I was underwhelmed by simple the front but was blown away when she turned around.  The back opens up to show a black pair of cigarette pants and a slightly exposed back. It is such a new idea and is not easy to pull off. I admire Watson for taking such a big fashion risk on the red carpet. It is nice to see a young celebrity look beautiful and make a statement but do it with class.

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Grammys Best Dressed List


This years Grammy award was studded with talented performances and even more breathtaking fashion. Here is my list for Best Dressed!

Katy Perry

All eyes were on Katy Perry in this mint green, low cut, skin tight dress by Gucci. Katy usually wears very cutesy bubble-gum looks but this dress was definitely not that. I liked that it was still true to Katy’s retro aesthetic but bold and risky.


Rihanna turned heads in this red Alaia stunner. The crimson hue was beautiful on her skin tone. I also liked that is was a break from her usual edgy style. It was even reminiscent of some of her early red carpet choices. The six time Grammy award winner, has a super fit upper body and showed it off perfectly with this dress. Just when you think you know what Rihanna is going to do or wear, she shocks you and this dress choice was no different!

Kelly Rowland 

Kelly Rowland looked hot hot hot is this George Ishkra design! The sheer paneling was perfectly placed to give her a wam-pow shape. She took a risk by tossing out the Grammys dress code memo but it definitely paid off as she was the talk of the night!


Beyonce took a fashion risk with this Osman black and white pant suit. I liked that it threw her fans a curve ball compared to her most recent Super Bowl outfit. Some critics did not appreciate her choice but black and white is huge this award season and in my opinion no one has done it better than Beyonce.

 Jennifer Lopez

JLo wore a black Anthony Vaccarello gown to this years award show. She has a curvy and toned body and tastefully displayed her toned gam and shoulder and keep the rest of her body covered up. Thigh high slits was one of the trends of the night and she pull it off by balancing it with the flowyness of the dress and low-key hair and accessories.




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How to Tone & Dress your body type in 2013

It’s a new year, with lots of exciting possibilities. Many people resolve to lose weight, exercise 3x a week, train for a marathon, or tone up their trouble areas. These are all great goals to have and work towards. But a common downside I see is women put off buying new clothes because they just want to lose those last 5 pounds. But when they lose 5 pounds they still aren’t happy with what they see in the mirror. They are trying to change their body type by losing weight. No matter your current weight, you will always have the same shape. But learning how to dress your shape to it’s best advantage will help you look and feel better no matter what the scale says. 

Here is a great article that gives you the best workouts for your body shape.  But remember you can’t drastically change your shape, so why not embrace it and dress it fabulously!! Here are some ideas on how to do just that! 


This body type is balanced on top and bottom with a defined waist. If this sounds like you, you share body types with Halle Berry and Scarlet Johannson. The main goal of dressing a curvy body type is to accentuate the waistline. (because it’s a horrible things to waste;) One easy way to do this is with a belt at your natural waistline. Choosing a belt in a contrasting color will draw even more attention to your tiny midsection. Pencil skirts are another easy way to highlight your curvy while streamlining your lower half. Always make sure you tuck in your shirt to give you the most flattering silhouette. Lastly, a jersey wrap dresses accentuates your waist while gliding over you curves. Va-Va-Voom!

 Larger on Bottom

 I don’t like referring to women’s bodies as fruit, so instead of Pear shape I prefer larger on bottom or even better, tiny upper body. If you have this shape, you share it with stars like Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Jennifer Lopez. Balancing the larger lower half with a smaller upper half is this body types challenge. One way to do that is with A-line skirts. By raising the eye-line and flaring out at your tiniest point, you upper half will be the focus and your lower half will be camouflaged by the skirt shape. You can also accomplish this by wearing color and pattern on top and dark slimming colors on bottom. Lastly, wearing large statement necklaces will draw attention up to your face and away from a curvy bottom half. 

Larger on Top 

Bubble necklace with gray tee and blazer-------Ive worn a similar outfit.  I bought a bubble necklace off of ebay after seeing it first on Pinterest.  I wonder how long I can rock it before it is old news? ;)

This body type is sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle, with broad shoulders and tiny hips. Jessica Beil and Eva Longoria both share this body type. The key to this body type is balance your shoulder while showing off your tiny hips and legs. I love putting this body type in skinny jeans and flow-y dolman sleeve tops. It will show off your long slender bottom half while giving you enough room in the shoulders. Another easy way is to wear long slender necklaces to draw the eye down towards your lower half. Lastly, a great fitting blazer will help to contain a larger upper half and help create an hourglass figure. 


frilly blouse.But then again these patch pockets on the front look pretty cool.

This body type is sometime called boyish with little curve from the shoulder to the hip. Gwenyth Paltrow and Natalie Portman  both have this body type. The challenge to dressing this body type is creating curves. Many times this body type will dress in over-sized clothing but the key is to put lots of attention on the curves that are there. So wearing bandage skirts and fitted skirts will play up a curve on bottom. If you have this body type, you can get away with wearing more volume like frills and pleats, but make sure it fits close to the body. Athletic body types can also wear back pockets and chest pocket to add a little curve. 





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The Best Fashion Magazines

Every year magazines come out with the big fashion issue in September. If you read one magazine all year you should make it the September issue. The styles and theme of the fashion stories will help you decide what to buy for the upcoming year. Here are the top magazines to look through this September!

1. Vogue



Vogue is the epitome of fashion. If you want to see all of the best editorial images and high fashion pieces, this is your magazine. Lady Gaga is on the cover this year, so you’re definitely in for some shock-factor imagery. Although most of the merchandise on the pages of Vogue is not realistic for everyday people, it does have a large impact on the styles and direction of fashion in general.




2. InStyle    




Instyle is one of my favorite magazines. Not only does it have pictures of celebrity style but also has real-life outfit ideas that are usually creative but practical. It does have high drama editorial images but they are more tame and realistic than Vogue or Elle. If you are looking for easy-to-read practical fashion advice, Instyle is your pick!




3. Elle



This year September Issue of Elle is graced with Katy Perry. But it’s not the bubble gum Katy you’re used to seeing. It’s Katy “Elle-ified” complete with studs, leather, smokey eyes, and black nail polish. Elle is the place to find tough, grungy styles that are still surprising feminine. It also has super cool street style inspiration.





4. Marie Clare



Marie Claire is another one of my favorites. Well, who am I kidding, I’m a sucker for all fashion magazines. Marie Claire, like Elle, also has a edgy style that is very high fashion. If you are looking for drop dead gorgeous pieces to be your statement makers, look in Marie Claire. Just like this top on Miley Cyrus, MC is chock full of pieces that will make you go oooh and ahhh!




5. Glamour



Glamour rounds out my top fashion magazines for this September. Like Instyle, Glamour gives everyday people style ideas that are in stores and easily accessible. They also have creative fashion stories that are cute and fun. One of my favorite aspects of Glamour is there Do’s and Don’ts section. They take a current trend and show the viewers images of how to do it right and how people do it wrong similar to my wear this. toss that. series on Pinterest. You can check it out here!

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Olympic Inspiration

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that the 2012 London Olympic games are currently going on. One aspect of the games that  goes unnoticed is the players uniforms and warmup gear. Nike took on the task of outfitting the athletes in their medal stand outfits. Nike followed the neon trend, that is still going strong, by choosing black and gray with pops of bright neon green.

Olympic Inspiration

Inspiration  can come from anywhere and the determintion and talent it takes to be an Olympic athlete is pretty darn inspiring. Check out this look inspired by team USA . 

Modern Interpretation

Olympic Inspiration
Tips for wearing neon: remember neon is like tabasco sauce, a little goes a long way!! So use it sparingly and pair it with neutral colors for a clean, modern but fun look.
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Style Question: How do I go shopping on a budget?


Recently, I attended a fashion show and one of the gifts was a giant magazine focused on women entreprenuers. I was scanning their pictures and checking out the entrepreneurs outfits (go figure), when I noticed a woman wearing fabulous white tuxedo jacket.  It was crisp and tailored and stood out against the gray background. It immediately caught my eye. When I got home after the show, I emailed her to find out where she got this white jacket.  I just had to have it.

So I emailed her to find out. I completely expected her to say she bought it at Saks or Nordstroms and for it to cost a arm and a leg. It just looked that good. Jayna emailed me back to say that she bought it at KOHL’s!  It was part of the Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s line. I was in complete shock!  Two days later I drove to my nearest Kohls to find this elusive jacket. 10 minutes later, I walked out of there with that jacket for $36.00!

I say all this to encourage people that are on a budget. You can find great pieces at lower prices. Do not give up  or settle for pieces you don’t love. Creating your style does not have to cost a fortune but it does take knowledge and a little elbow grease. I’d love to hear what great pieces you have found lately.

You can see the original article here.

Love and Success,
P.S. If you have a style question you would like answered, ask it here
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Spring Color Report

For  Spring  2012, we have seen a lot of bright colors in stores and on the runways. One of the most prominent shades is Tangerine. It is a bright, saturated orange that exudes fun and energy. What I like about this color is that it flatter almost every skin tone and can be easily paired with colors in your closet. 

To wear it now– pair it with a dark denim and a light-weight  jacket. As Summer approaches, trade your dark denim for crisp white, khaki, or soft gray. If you are hesitant to try such a bold shade, start by painting your toenails or wearing it in a multi-colored pattern. But we’re convinced that once you start exploring bright colors, you won’t want to stop. So experiment, have fun, and make it your own!

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