Nashville style guide feat. Moda Boutique

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Style Breakdown- Nathan Angelo

I recently had the privilege to see Nathan Angelo at 3rd & Lindsley.  After the show, I talked to Nathan about his music and style. When I asked him why He and his band chose to wear their matching black and white ensemble, he said, “Our music has a soulful feel and we are going for that look and feel in our clothing style.”

Don’t be afraid of trying this trend, it is not only for soulful musicians. This popular look is sharp and easy to pull together. Every guy has a white button down but the key is to pairing it with a skinnier version tie. Your 6” tie from 1997 will not do fellas! Lots of stores carry skinnier version this season in all different price points. So add it to your Christmas list or go get you one. You will wear it more than you think! It looks great at work or on the weekend. Just make sure your shirt and pants have the same streamlined look. No billowy pirate shirts allowed! Take a cue from Nathan by leaving your top button un-buttoned to give your look a more cool and casual vibe. He also added converse shoes to round out his eclectic take on a classic style.  If you’re looking to impress the ladies, incorporate this look into your weekend wear by adding your dark or black denim and layering a black or gray suit vest. A good rule of thumb is to shoot for 3 pieces on top.

Shirt (1) tie (2) vest (3)

 Shirt (1) tie (2) jacket (3)

 Shirt (1) jacket (2) pocket square (3)

 Shirt (1) vest (2) jacket (3)

Shirt (1) tie (2) sweater (3)  



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What to wear for a Photo Shoot (1)

Deciding on what to wear on your photo shoot can sometimes be stressful and frustrating.  There are so many factors that go into making a breathtaking picture and one of them (and probably the most important to you) is your appearance. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that will help you when deciding what to wear for your photo shoot.


First thing you need to do is assess your skin tone. Do you  have pale skin a la Anne Hathaway? Dark Olive skin like Jennifer Lopez? Or do you lie somewhere in between  like Kate Hudson?  You want the color of your clothing to be enough shades away from the color of your skin so that you can distinquish between the two.  We’ve all seen the skin color bathing suit that makes the wearer look naked. Not a great look! So if you have very pale skin to medium, you may want to shy away from white, cream, or pastels. You will look more alive in darker shades like navy, black, brown, and purple. If you want to wear a color, stick with a more saturated version of the color. Like these jewel tones.







If you’ve got a great tan going on or just have darker skin, you can pull off pastels and lighter colors next to your skin.

Next asses your hair color. If you want to highlight your hair color, wear a contrasting color on top. For instance, if you have dark brown hair, wear a lighter color on top. This will give enough separation from  your hair and the shirt to make your locks stand out.

All eyes are on Stacy London’s Jet Black hair.






Another easy color tip I like to use is match your shoes to your hair color. Blonds go for nude shoes and brunettes with dark shoes. For full body shots, the eye often goes from the top to the bottom and skips everything in between. So in a sense you are book-ending your look by having the two coordinate.

Blond hair= nude shoes 







Black hair= black shoes








Practically everyone knows that black is slimming right? Well The reason is when we look at dark color our eye shrinks in making it appear smaller. In relation, when we look at light colors the eye expands. Making the object appear larger. So, wear lighter color where you want to draw attention and dark colors where you want to hide something. For instance, If you carry your weight in your lower half, Do NOT wear light wash jeans and a black shirt. All eyes will go directly to your thighs and away from your tiny upper half. Instead you could wear dark wash jeans and a colorful or printed top to draw attention to your upper half.

An easy trick I like to use is layering a light color underneath a dark color. That way all eyes go to the light color that is pulled in by the dark color. Like in this pictures of Jessica Simpson.







Prints are a great way to add interest to a picture. Because pictures are two dimensional they can sometimes look flat. Patterns in themselves are dimensional, giving pictures more life. yay! So, when choosing a pattern go for a bold pattern instead of a subtle one. Small patterns can do crazy things on camera, so I’d suggest avoiding them all together.

    Notice how the small pattern on her pants look like a optical illusion.  Not a good look.








Go for a bigger pattern. If you want to wear a pattern but feel like it is just too much, try layering over the pattern to break it up. You can do this by adding a solid belt or tights to a printed dress or by layering on a solid jacket.






Lauren Conrad does it here with a pretty floral and a tough black belt.


Reese does it perfectly. Notice how the larger pattern is eye catching but toned down by her classic denim jacket. Great casual look.




Hope this helps when deciding what to wear for your photo shoot! If you have any specific questions, shoot me a email at

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Boutiques in Nashville, Tn.

The time I spend looking for new and unique clothing stores is not insignificant. Not all boutiques and stores are created equal and having the inside scoop on where to shop can be a huge time and money saver. I can remember growing up and only having a limited choice of stores in my town. In search of the perfect black pencil skirt, I went to every single store in a 30 mile radius. I never found that black pencil skirt but sure enough 2 seasons later, black pencil skirt were everywhere! So whether you live in the Nashville area or plan on visiting some time soon, here is a short but sweet list of stores and boutiques to check out. Hope you find your “perfect black pencil skirt!”

*Moda Boutique is a cute and trendy shop located on 12th ave. south in Nashville. They have some very unique accessories and fun party dresses. From my expereince, the service is spectacular.

* The Perfect Pair is a fun and laid-back boutique started by two best friends- Whitney & Casey. Their boutique blends their distinctive styles of classic/bohemian and trendy/rocker. They offer a wide range of shoes including some of the coolest boots I have seen. If you are looking for a friendly and cool boutique, The Perfect Pair is for you!

*Boutique Bella is as cute as it’s name. With its girly pink decor, chandeliers and wall of denim, You will feel like a modern-day princess shopping here. They carry tons of different denim brands like 7 for all mankind,1921,AG Adriano Goldschmeid, and J Brand.

Hope that helps!

Contact me with any style or shopping questions you may have


Interested in shopping with Caitlin? check out our services page or give us a call! 815. 488. 5516




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Wardrobe Edit with Eve Goertz


To schedule a Wardrobe Edit-call Caitlin at 815. 488. 5516


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Networking Successfully

Welcome to the official blog of CCIC!

Networking.  A word that often provokes feelings of fear and anxiety.  Why is this?

Many people misunderstand what networking really is and how easy it can be.  Some people think it uses manipulation and/or coercion to get something they want.   Others are afraid because of their introverted personality, or maybe their lack of assertiveness and charm when meeting new people.

But in reality it’s a great opportunity to build relationships, try new things, and to empower a business.

Below are 3 simple,  but sure-fire tips that you can use to confidently network your way to success!

1. Develop a 30-second infomercial about yourself
First impressions really do matter!  So find a mirror and practice talking and presenting to yourself as if you were just meeting you. Your infomercial should explain what you do in a clear and concise way, leaving the viewer wanting more!
2. Research
If you are attending an event or presentation, do a little research on the group or presenter. This can be done by simply going on their website, blog, or even Facebook page. A little research can go a long way in helping you break the ice should you be introduced.
3. Ask open-ended questions
Asking open-ended questions is a quintessential tactic of a good networker. Effective open-ended questions will quickly break the ice and spark a conversation. Here are a few examples of open-ended questions that I like to use-

1.  Where do you work and what do you do?

2.  What do you like to do when you are not working?

3.  What do you love about your work?

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